Turkish Citizenship for Real Estate Investment

Turkish Citizenship for Real Estate Investment

Turkish Citizenship by Real Estate Investment is a program that allows foreigners to obtain Turkish citizenship in exchange for purchasing real estate in Turkey worth at least US$400,000. The program was launched in 2018 and has become one of the most popular citizenship by investment programs in the world.

To obtain Turkish citizenship by investing in real estate, the following conditions must be met:

Be under 59 years of age
Have no criminal record
Do not have Turkish citizenship
Do not have an entry ban in Turkey
Buy real estate worth at least $400,000
Once all conditions are met, you must submit an application for citizenship to the Turkish Ministry of Interior. Consideration of the application usually takes about 6 months.

Turkish citizenship by investment in real estate provides the following benefits:

Right to live, work and study in Turkey
The right to free movement in the Schengen area
Right to Dual Citizenship
Buying property in Turkey can be a profitable investment. Real estate prices in Turkey are rising, and rent brings a steady income. In addition, Turkey is a popular tourist destination, which can also contribute to rising property values.

Here are some tips for those considering Turkish citizenship through real estate investment:

Choose property in a good area, with developed infrastructure and transport links.
Conduct a thorough analysis of the real estate market to ensure you are getting a good price.
Contact an experienced attorney or consultant to help you through the citizenship process.
Turkish citizenship by investing in real estate is an opportunity to get a second passport in one of the most beautiful and promising countries in the world.