Owning a house in istanbul

Owning a house in istanbul

Housing prices in Istanbul vary depending on the area, size and type of property. In general, housing prices in Istanbul are lower than in other major cities in the world.

Here are some average housing prices in Istanbul:

Apartment in the city center: 3,000 euros per square meter
Apartment in a residential area: 2,500 euros per square meter
House in the suburbs: 2,000 euros per square meter
House prices in Istanbul have been rising in recent years, but they are still lower than in other major European cities such as London, Paris or Berlin.

Here are some factors that influence housing prices in Istanbul:

Location: Housing prices in the city center are higher than in residential areas or suburbs.
Size: Home prices increase as size increases.
Property type: Prices for apartments are usually lower than for houses.
Supply and Demand: Home prices rise when demand for housing exceeds supply.
If you are planning to buy property in Istanbul, it is important to do your research and compare prices from different sellers. You should also consider factors that may affect home prices in the future.