Furniture & Decoration Solutions

Furniture & Decoration Solutions

Interior design for your home specialists of LTA Real Estate & Investment will create specially for individual needs. Our company has experience distinctive projects.

Combining elements of design principles, we will provide quality that meets the needs and desires of our customers. We make stylish interiors that are physically and psychologically comfortable and pleasing to the eye.

interior design


We would like to tell you about the main points that guide us in the process of creating the interior of your room:

  1. We are able to listen and hear the customer. You will get the interior in the style, colors, materials that you like.
  2. Do not limit the number of options, as confident in their abilities. We offer several planning solutions or options for furniture arrangement. But they do not need to choose any one! It is enough to determine what is most liked in different versions. After that, we display the final layout of furniture and finalize it until it is completely satisfy with you. We work by offering one option, and then make adjustments or redraw them as long as you like the interior completely. In any case, even if it takes more of our time and effort, we will make the interior that you like completely.
  3. We understand very well what and how much it costs.  And we are glad to say that we are able to work within the budget specified by the customer. Here can be discussed a specific amount, the level of the budget (in terms of “economy”, “average”, “high”), or specified several manufacturers or stores, the prices in which you are satisfied (we will use for the project products of the same level/price category).
  4. Each project we create with love, better than yourself, you can say. And we treat customers the same way, with understanding and with great respect. Many of our customers have become our friends. We’re honest.
  5. We are able to find a common language with superintendents, listen and hear them, evaluate the possibilities of the finishing team. Builders love and praise us and our working drawings.


Our team will ensure the charm and individuality of each step in each room of the project. We will create a pleasant combination of harmony and balance with colors, textures and shapes. Let the skill of our professional will be shown in your home and you will enjoy your dream home.

Working with a small space or a whole house, we will help you create the perfect place to work and relax! We can provide basic suggestions or complete floor plans with every detail. We select specific models of sanitary ware, furniture, lamps, doors, finishing materials. And also we can make the purchase of carpets, interior decorations and other accessories for your home. In addition, we are happy to take care of the purchase of bedding, kitchen items, such as, for example, dishes and everything you need to complete the arrangement of your home.

Even if you are within a strict budget, we will do our best for you. Trying to figure out what to do, beginning working on finishing the room, design solutions for your home, trust the professionals LTA Real Estate & Investment.

You create an idea … we’ll build your house! Interior design from our company-the best that can be created in the new house!