Legal advice service

Legal advice service

Legal advice service will be necessary for you in many situations that you may encounter abroad. Therefore, the real estate Agency LTA Real Estate & Investment is ready to provide you with the opportunity to consult with an expert. It’s better to be safe than sorry afterwards, but only competent legal advice can ensure you make the right decisions.

Legal advice service

Our lawyers have extensive judicial practice. Because of that we and are ready to apply many years of experience to provide you with highly qualified legal assistance. It may be necessary for you in the preparation of documents, during the transaction or in subsequent disputes. But you can always be sure of the conscientious approach of our lawyers to the solution of the situations which have arisen in your life.


Buying a property can be different in different countries. You can meet different rules and standards, but our experts with years of experience in the field of real estate, will help you to understand all the issues.
The help of a Russian speaking lawyer abroad can actually be of great help to you in various circumstances.

Buying or selling real estate involves important financial decisions and can be complicated by various details, tax obligations and legal issues. Residential, commercial or investment objects-each of them is accompanied by its own unique documents. At this crucial time, the most important thing is to consult a specialist for professional advice.

Legal advice servise from our experienced experts will protect your interests, whether you are acting as a seller or a buyer.


LTA Real Estate & Investment guarantees you high quality services of lawyers and attorneys, because cooperation with them will be based on such principles as:

  • Privacy
  • Efficiency
  • Reliability
  • Convenience.

In addition, the specialize profile of our experts allows you to be sure in the next. Therefore, they know their business, and you can only turn to them for advice. Hence, for our experts absolutely any problem can be solved! And they will do everything in their power to help you easily and quickly resolve the issues.