Investment Management

Investment Management

Investment management – it’s a question in which real estate Agency LTA Real Estate and Investment can help you. We provide endless investment advice to our clients, even if they are still potential clients, and just before the purchase. Dreams come true with us!

Providing investment advice starts from the day when clients come to us asking about the right property they can buy, and at that time LTA Real Estate & Investment employees apply all the knowledge for the benefit of clients to assist in making the best decision and invest their money in the most profitable property. Our role is to guide customers on how to get the most out of the investments that will come to them in the near future and in the long term will still have great potential for growth.


Our Agency is created to purchase real estate in Turkey, Bulgaria and Northern Cyprus has become a pleasant hassle for you. With experience, we strive to improve and simplify the procedure for the acquisition of real estate. You just have to choose what you like!
We work with private and commercial real estate, from economy to premium segment.
Our Agency helps its customers in all matters related to the acquisition of real estate, including obtaining a mortgage in Turkish banks and registration of residence permits.
Together with the acquisition of your own property on the Mediterranean coast, you get a gift of beautiful environment, sea, gentle sun, an abundance of fruits and vegetables all year round, which means that you invest your money not just in real estate, and invest in health, yours and your loved ones. This is by far the most important investment!


Square meters in Turkey are becoming much more accessible. However, this tool requires a professional approach, and our service “investment management” is your best assistant.

In 2018, we recommend that you consider real estate investment strategies that are focused on obtaining a stable cash flow. Only a professional can determine the best option for capital investments. Enlist the support of such a specialist in our real estate Agency. In this case, you will be able to ensure the probability of the most profitable purchase.