Real estate Investment Consultancy

Real estate Investment Consultancy

Real Estate Investment Consultancy will help you to understand what type of property is suitable for you. You are possible to invest in real estate in Turkey, Bulgaria and Northern Cyprus. We will guide you in the right direction so that you can make the best choice when buying residential and commercial real estate.

Our team of professional and experienced real estate investment specialists. We analyze every declared desire on your part to purchase real estate, takes into account the current market conditions and capital flows. Our ultimate goal is to provide you with a thorough market analysis and ensure the success of your real estate investment.


Many people say that investment in real estate is almost the only worthy type of investment. It is believed that real estate only becomes more expensive over time. And this makes the investment almost a risk-free investment. However, this method of investment has its own specifics. Fortunately, specialists of real estate Agency LTA Real Estate & Investment will provide you with a full consultation.

Of course, buying any real estate, there is a feeling of reliability and stability, and you will be able to dispose of the property as you wish.  In addition, renting out the purchased property, you can get additional profit. This investment option is most accessible to private investors. And to reduce the possible risks, we invite you to get personal advice from the professionals of our Agency.


Today there is an alternative to buying physical real estate for rent, it is an investment in real estate funds. This gives you the opportunity to receive a yield of 5-15% per annum in foreign currency. Moreover, you have the possibility to reinvest profits and withdraw money at any time. We just need to understand how these funds work and make them a “comfortable asset”.
Moreover this investment tool requires a professional approach, and the advice of a professional of our Agency will provide you with the probability of the most profitable purchase.


So, when investing in foreign real estate, the investor pursues different goals. For one it is a way to save and increase your capital. For another – to obtain a residence permit or resident status through the program of acquisition of real estate.
But in which country are the conditions for investment and acquisition of real estate more favorable today? Which countries will soon present their programmes? What they will be attractive? Where to get a comprehensive consultation?

Clients of real Estate Agency LTA Real Estate & Investment will be able to receive individual consultations in their area of interest: obtaining residency, likewise acquisition of foreign real estate, reliable preservation of their assets, registration of companies, opening accounts in other countries, etc.

Furthermore there is one advantage of physical real estate – it is “psychologically comfortable” asset that you can see and use it, so the property has a lot of supporters. Hence, Real Estate Investment Consultancy in our Agency – competent assistance of specialists for your definitely thoughtful future.